This is my first (ever) blog.

 Maybe I shall start with some introduction.
So, I was born in what is now called The Czech Republic, and spent all of my young age there.

 Growing up in a very small village gave me the opportunity to learn multiple kinds of work, but never ever have I imagined that woodworking will become my hobby.
 Well I never ever imagined that I would be doing the job I do, but that was probably the path I was meant to take.
 After graduating from Brno University of Technology, I got offer to go to work to Japan for 2 years on internship program that the company I work for is offering for fresh graduates.
 It somehow happened, that the 2 years got longer and longer, in the meantime I met my wife and my first son was born there.
 After nearly 8 years in Japan, I have moved with my family to Germany, where we are living since then. I don't know if I can blame it on our age, but despite living in Germany nearly 7 years now, neither me nor my wife were able to master the language sufficiently enough.
 As for woodworking, I always felt being drawn to it, however, never got myself to get into it. It was just some 2 years back, when I found youtube channel of Paul Sellers. He is life long woodcraft master who decided to unlock the secrets of working wood by hand without using power tools, trying to spread the wisdom of hand tools mastery to broader public, and revive the craft.
 This was perfect for me. I never had enough space, where I could put all the power equipment, yet living in residential area, I wouldn’t even be able to use the equipment most of the time that I am available to work wood. Hand tools was the perfect solution.

 So yes, my journey in woodworking has started only two years ago but I’m progressing step by step on the learning curve and hope that if nothing else, I will be able to pass this passion on my kids.

 As Shannon Rogers from says, so many projects, but so little time.

 As the time will go by, will try to write more blogs about my projects and their progress. I hope you will enjoy, and if you have time, you can drop comment, or contact me on my email address.

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