20211215_update on Toilet paper holders

20211215_update on Toilet paper holders

Step by step I keep working on the holders. 
Time and weather is unfortunately unforgiving, and I'm starting to be pretty sure, I will miss the Christmas deadline to send the holders out to my family. But no pressure, they will get their presents, only few days later.

 With the dovetail job finished, it is time to do fitting of the fingers and final shaping of the holder.


After marking the mortise position, I start chopping.

First from one side, after I reach about a half depth, I turn and start chopping from opposite side, until the mortise is opened.
Little bit of cleaning of the side, and the main chopping is finished in few minutes.

 Now is a time to open hole for the peg.
The peg hole shall go approximately through the middle of the mortise hole.

In order to keep the hole as parallel with the sides as possible, I use simple guide jig.

 After the holes are finished, I need to open the mortise holes so that the finger can lift up. I cut the sides of the mortise, then with chisel chop the material off.

With the mechanics finished, I still need to do some shaping to give the paper holder "nice" touch. Since this is a often repeated task, I have made a simple story board to simply trace pencil around and work to the line.


 With chopping the radius, I made mistake holding the side piece too high in the wise, and chopping force caused, that the side piece cracked in the bottom tail part.


 I didn't realized about the crack until I was cutting the bottom part.
The whole bottom tail fell off when I hit the crack.
Well, mistakes happen, and fortunately this is something, that is easily reparable.

Just need little bit of glue and a clamp, and after few hours the piece is as new.

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