Tofu press progress Nov. 21, 2022

Tofu press progress Nov. 21, 2022

Days are getting shorter and evenings colder.
The time is coming, when I will not be able to work for long in my garage.
But for now, I'm continuing working on the Tofu press.

With all parts dimensioned, It is time for joinery.
I have already finished the dovetailed frame, and now it is time to jump on making lid and the bottom.

Bars and cross rails will be connected by sliding dovetails - something I haven't tried to do yet, but challenge excepted.

Firstly, I draw tails on the cross rail, and then transfer the tail on the bar.


With chisel, I remove excess material,

and then play around with fitting the two parts together.

 It took me few days, but now finally the lid and bottom have their shape.



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