So as of today, I'm still waiting for the dowel plate that I ordered a month ago.
It is on its way, but already almost two weeks stuck at German custom office.
 It would be nice thing to have to make the dowels, but it has already been holding my stools project for a long time, so I decided to make the dowels with hand plane and spoke shave.


 Procedure is quite simple.
 Starting with piece of wood slightly larger then the intended dowel diameter, drawing circle of intended diameter on both ends of the piece and then just shaving all corners of the piece to the circle.


 Continue first on all 4 corners, then on all 8 corners, etc. until the size of the corners is so small you cannot shave it confidently.
 At the end it is a job for sand paper and smoothing the dowel and fitting it to the hole.

 Dowels that I need for the stools are now finished and I'm hoping to do a glue-up and paint job over the weekend.

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