In the mean time

In the mean time

While waiting for the dowel plate to finish the stools, I  embarked for another project.
Since we moved to our new house one and half year ago, me and my wife still have our clothes in card board boxes and luggages.

 So it is time to build ourselves wardrobes.
The plan is to build 4 modules. 3 of them will be 800mm wide, the 4th, closest to the doors 500mm wide. 
 Two of the wider modules will have the same internal structure, but will be mirrored. The bottom part will have 3 drawers. Upper part will be closed behind doors, and will be separated into 3 sections - 1 for hangers, 1 with smaller drawers and top part over the whole width of the unit.

The middle unit will be simple, used for hangers, the left unit will have adjustable shelves.


I will be building these units from oak. For that I bought two large slabs, each 55mm thick and 4m long - already here I took a big bite - since the wardrobe will be 2m tall, and I don't want the walls to be 55mm thick, I need to resaw over 2m long and around 560mm wide board (progress shown on picture below).

 Unfortunately my frame saw is only about 800mm long, so it is actually very short for this kind of work. Despite of that, I was able to cut one of the boards relatively OK. Yes, it took me close to 8h of work and many liters of sweat, but the result is quite OK - judge yourselfs:
After 8 hour of resawing

But the second board I was cutting, was really pain. The board was twisting, cupping and warping on me and it was biting the saw in the kerf. The result is really saddening. Cuts from both sides didn't meet well, the cut is not straight, and I still need to check what actually I can do with the resultant boards.

For the next board, I need to consider different strategy. I already ordered longer saw blade, but if the board keeps twisting on me, I might rip cut it first on narrower stripes, resaw those and then glue together as needed.

How much work would I save myself if I have ordered thinner boards at first place (-:



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