So what's next?

So what is next?

 As you might have seen in my listings, I'm working on two stools. Both are actually meant for my bathroom.
Me, neither my wife are tall, and we are having problems reaching our roof window in our bathroom. I need to stretch myself, and my wife won't reach it at all. For that we will use the top stool.
 The bottom stool will stand in front of our bathtub. Since our kids are still small, they are having trouble climbing into the bathtub, so this will serve them as a small step.

Two stools that I'm working on now for our bathroom

  Both stools are made from oak and have very simple structure of the top board, two legs and stretcher between the legs. The top board has two housing dados for seating the legs, and has holes through to insert 10mm diameter dowels. I plan to make the dowels from sycamore, which has lighter color comparing to oak. I’m also considering to put teak wedge in the middle of the dowel to enhance the wood color contrast.
 Currently I'm waiting for dowel plate from DFM tools, unfortunately shipping from US now takes little bit more time than usual. I still have some more details to do on the stools, so I will work on them while waiting for the dowel plates.
 I will keep you informed about progress.

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