Next project - Tofu press

Next project - Tofu press


Tofu is made out of soy beans and is being consumed in many Japanese dishes.

 My wife, as typical Japanese, is very picky about quality of ingredients she uses for her cooking, and it is often hard to fine good quality Tofu where we live.

 She therefore asked me to make some press for her, so that she can make tofu at home.

I was looking for some design ideas, and decided to base on below shown press design.

 I like to make rough plans to have some idea of how much wood I will need and what will be the best layout before I start breaking down the board.


There are many 3D tools available to make plans, but for me the simplest and fastest is to sketch plans on the paper. During that process, I can consider how the product shall look like and what I will need in order to put it all together.

Now, when the plans are ready, it is time for me to consider, what wood I would want to use for this press.


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