Tofu press is finished

Tofu press is finished

Well, it took me some time from start to finish, but as an excuse, I was able to start learning new craft and implement it in this press.

I was so into the work, so that I even forgot to document whole progress - that is also a reason, why I didn't make so many posts.

With the lid and bottom finished, I continued shaping other parts.
The box needed recesses to house rails, that will serve as a lead for the stands.
 The stands themselves have one mortise, into which will loosely fit tenons of the brace.
 On opposite side of the mortise is a hole, through which will go a bar.
 These are the main parts of the mechanism.

The brace needs to house a press screw. As I didn't have anything better, I used M10 screw bar. I cut hexagonal socket into the brace to house M10 nut, and put a little wooden cap over it.
Now for the new skill I started to learn - Marquetry.
It's a technique of creating pictures from different color wood veneers.

 My first marquetry project were these little flower pads. These were made by so called pad method, so I ended up with 6 of these pads. Considering what to do with them, I decided to use two sides of the tofu press box and inlay the flowers into them.


 Process of inlaying is pretty straightforward. First you have to mark the inlay onto the base and then cut recess, using chisel and later router plane for smoothing the depth.


 With all parts finished and smoothen, it is time for final finish.
As this press will be used to produce food, I've decided to use food grade mineral oil. 
The grain and color of the wood nicely popped out with the first layer of the oil.
I wiped out the excess oil and there is the finished press - isn't it beauty?

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