Tofu press project started

Tofu press project started

I finally got to making the Tofu press.

I have decided to use cherry, that I brought this spring from my brother back in Czech. 
 The wood was air drying for some time in his barn, and some more months in my garage, and with about 9.5% humidity level, it is quite suitable for making this press.


  With hand tools, there’s a lot of heavy work involved, starting with resawing.

 Bit by bit I was cutting through the wood, planning it true and smooth.

First I got to making the press frame - four boards connected by dove tails.
Although I've already done some dove tails, there is still a room for improvement.

I continued cutting and planing, to prep al remaining parts.

This little pile of parts took me few evenings spent on my workbench.
Now they are ready for further work on joinery and putting all parts together.


Stay tuned, update is comming.

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