Working on more toilet paper holders

Working on more toilet paper holders

I have the toilet paper holder on offer for already some time.
As the Christmas season is approaching, I have decided, that I will present some of these holder to my family and on that occasion replenish my stock.
 This time, however, I will not only make the holders from Oak, but will also do variation from sycamore maple. 


 To make it even more interesting, I'm considering to use sycamore tangs (those movable parts, where the paper roll hold on) in oak holders and oak tangs in sycamore holders.

After sizing and cutting, I start the tang  with drilling hole, through which will go round dowel and the tang will be turning around it.
After the hole is done, I cut through mortise, in which the spring will be seated.
Since each holder has 2 tangs, there is plenty of these mini mortises to be cut, but with sharp chisel, it is relatively easy to do in both woods.
After the mortises are done, I need to do more shaping  and hopefully soon will be able to start working on the main body.
 As a spoiler alert, I'm at the same time working on kitchen paper towel holder, which is based on the same principle as the toilet paper holder, only the main body will be wider.

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