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Garden bench - upcycled pallet wood

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Garden bench from upcycled pallet wood, solely hand tools made without any machines.
Why to through used pallets out? Although the pallet wood doesn’t usually look nice on top, underneath the top surface is very often healthy wood.
Nail holes give the bench original look.
The pallets are manually disassembled, wood selected and then worked by hand tools to create this bench.
Each piece has unique look and can differ in color shades.
Although I try my best to counter for wood movement in my product design, as wood is natural material and reacts on surrounding environment, potential cracks and color changes may occur.

Weight: 8.5kg
Suitable for up to 2 person
Height: 46 cm
Length: 94 cm
Width: 33 cm (adjustable)

Coated with linseed oil. Other coatings possible on request.