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Handmade cabinet

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This Cabinet was made using only hand tools, and is using wood mainly from old pallets or construction wood scraps.
Pictures shown here are from cabinet that I built for my son.
For your cabinet, I can adjust the dimensions, as well as the woods used.

This cabinet features top desk made of douglas fir, two drawers (H:130, W:347, D: 265) and one big compartment for shelves (number and position of shelves adjustable).
The shelf compartment has two sliding doors. The doors are made of douglas fir, with panes of Anigre wood.
Main body of the cabinet is made out of used pallet wood and/or construction wood scraps.

Dimensions of the cabinets:
Height: 960 mm
Width: 840 mm
Depth: 370 mm

The whole surface of the cabinet is painted with clear shellac and applied with protective wax.

Price will be calculated base on your design requirements.
Delivery from order is between 2-3 months.
I can deliver free of charge in radius of 50km from my PLZ in Germany (41352), for deliveries outside this area delivery charges would apply.