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Oak Stool, sap wood stripe in middle, teak and sycamore dowels

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Crafted from sturdy oak wood and treated with a clear shellac finish, this charming little stool exudes both functionality and timeless beauty. Its seat top features six small dowels, four of which and the two thin wedges at the ends of the leg stretcher are crafted from sycamore, creating a delightful contrast with the darker oak hue. Additionally, the two central dowels are expertly fashioned from teak wood, complementing the brighter tones of the oak sap wood at the seat's center.

To ensure durability, the stool's surface is coated with four layers of clear shellac, providing protection against wear and moisture. Versatile in its use, this stool serves as both seating and a step stool, making it a practical addition to any household. With approximate dimensions of Height: 32cm, Width: 55cm, and Depth: 30cm, and a weight of approximately 4.5kg, it offers sturdy and stable support.

Handcrafted using only traditional woodworking joinery techniques and hand tools, this stool is a testament to artisanal craftsmanship. Custom sizes are available upon request, ensuring each piece is tailored to individual needs and preferences.